EasyArtGroup-tensados acústicos-OTAN
Project Name:
NATO NNHQ – New NATO Headquarters
Wall covering of a new construction in a High Security Zone
EVERE, Brussels
Assar – SOM
Easy Art Bcn
BAM Alliance 3
Installed Products:
Clipso® colored acoustic fabrics (495D special color for the project) & PVC profiles (P-CCM1) and ABS profiles P-CC1P) & LA53 acoustic filter)
Installed surface:
5.800m2 strech fabrics

About the project

Between 2015 and 2016 we have participated in the largest construction work in Europe. The new NATO headquarters in Brussels built by BAM Alliance 3, the alliance of 3 European construction leaders (Interbuilt, Galère and BAM).
The work had the participation of more than 500 suppliers and Easy Art Bcn was one of them. We installed 5,000m2 of fabrics between the convention center and the information center, we upholstered the walls of the convention and meeting rooms, as well as the booths for the translators.

Important parameters

As it is a work in a very high security area, we had to manage accreditations issued by the Spanish Ministry of Defense for all our equipment, material and machinery to access a complex with a reinforced security protocol.