Luminous Coverings

Create your own light

Imagine a ceiling or wall that is a well of light across its entire surface. With a luminous stretch fabrics we combine aesthetics and light to design warm and unique environments that illuminate every interior.
Ideal in areas with little natural light, our coverings make the difference.

The luminous covering, the avant-garde solution that revolutionizes the interior light!

With this system we can control the types of lighting just like a traditional led system: colors, intensity ON / OFF. A significant evolution in the field of interior lighting.


How does it work?

The idea is simple: you combine high-performance LED lighting solutions with a PVC or textile membrane that has a controlled degree of translucency. The membrane can be white or printed with an image.
An LED lighting system is installed at the back of the fabric to be invisible in this way it acts as a large diffuser.
Compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa from Amazon and Siri, your ceiling or wall is controlled at any time from anywhere.
Very versatile. The luminous coverings allow a better control of light consumption.

Conventional materials used:

Usually methacrylate or treated glass plates are used but these materials are limited by their weight and dimensions and the aesthetics are very limited since they need visible joints and separations. In comparison, the strech fabrics are light and their aesthetics are perfect.