Training and consulting

Due to its long experience in the field of tensioning systems, Easy Art Bcn is also dedicated to helping professionals to have detailed knowledge and a global vision of strech fabric systems for walls and ceilings in general.

Therefore, we are teaching types of courses:

  • Installation and distribution course aimed at both freelancers and installers
  • Information course on stretch coverings for architects, contractors and builders

Do you want to be part of the team?

Course 1

Installation and distribution

Are you a construction professional and want to expand your activities? In that case, you will surely be interested in selling high value-added products.

With Easy Art Bcn stretch coverings and systems, this is possible! We are constantly looking for reliable installers and partners who are ready to get involved in an innovative concept, thanks to which you can expand your offer.

By joining our network, you can benefit from:

  • a global solution for walls and ceilings in decoration and interior renovation
  • innovative products, respectful with the environment and in compliance with current regulations
  • complete technical training
  • a stand for sale
  • support in their communication and marketing actions.
  • consultancy for the organization of large works

Come and train at Easy Art Bcn

Thanks to its complete training, Easy Art Bcn has contributed to introducing several hundred highly qualified craftsmen and workers into the construction market. The main objectives of this management are: to respond to the evolution of market demand, to face the new demands in terms of regulations and installation techniques, to allow to acquire a good knowledge of the products.

This training, either in our integrated training centers or, according to certain conditions, in your company, Easy Art Bcn accompanies you to develop the skills of your collaborators in terms of Products, Solutions and Technical Knowledge.

Any installer who wishes to market and propose our products to their customers will receive all the necessary training on the essential procedures and applications, exclusively provided by our Easy Art Bcn technical teams and services. In this way, you will be able to acquire the technical knowledge necessary for the installation of our coverings.

Recognized, tested and approved, the Easy Art Bcn training, due to its content, the support provided and the excellent results obtained over the months, has proven its seriousness and effectiveness!

Don’t wait any longer and become part of the Easy Art Bcn installers network.


Duration: 2-4 days depending on the place of the training and the covering specialties (luminous, acoustic, renovation and major works)


  • Put in situation for cold installation.
  • Learning the gestures and techniques of installation in angles, hatches, lighting and other forms.
  • Availability of a room for installers, in order to exercise control of gestures, installation techniques and receive practical advice.

The price includes pedagogical classes, practical installation exercises, pedagogical materials, essential tools, 1 light sample case and 1 lunch.

To consult the training program, as well as its planning, or for more information, contact us

Course 2

Information course on stretch fabric covers

(Reserved for architects, engineers, quality consultants and contractors / builders)

As you already know, stretch covers are becoming more and more integrated in the construction world. However, as these are new materials, professionals in the sector do not have all the knowledge to verify the finishes of the installers on the spot. For this reason, the person in charge for the work cannot intervene with regard to strech covers, since they must blindly trust the installers,

For this reason, at Easy Art Bcn, we have created an intensive course to transmit all the technical knowledge that we have in the field of stretch covers so that professionals in the sector have detailed information on these materials and their installation. It is a good tool to establish a detailed quality control on the work of installers and assemblers.


Duration: 7h00


  • Recognition and difference of the different strech systems (cold, heat, upholstery)
  • Organization on site, assembly schedule
  • Preparation of the work for the installation of the stretch coverings
  • Provision of a room for professionals in the sector where they can see examples of assemblies with good and poor execution to acquire critical knowledge about the installation.
  • Detailed technical content of the different strech systems (profiles and coverings, acoustic solutions, back light, standard etc …)

To consult the training program, as well as its planning, or for more information, contact us