FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can these coatings be cleaned?

Of course! When it comes to plastic surfaces, they are easier to clean than finishes of paint. A damp cloth with natural soap and the stains are gone! We also have
cleaning products for professional use that we can supply according to your needs.

How much does it cost?
For a standard configuration (from 12-16m2) with PVC profiles, the supply + installation prices are usually between € 50.00 and € 95.00 / m2 without VAT. Projects that require more components such as lights, home automation, digital printing can be more expensive because they require more labor and material. Also the use of aluminum profiles can make a project more expensive.
Can it be disassembled?
Yes, you can as many times as it takes. We recommend that the installation and removal work be done by an expert so that the warranty remains effective.
Can you incorporate light, air conditioning etc ...?
Yes of course. These are finishes that are designed for this. Just like a traditional false ceiling or upholstered walls, all the elements (light, switch sockets, air conditioning, grilles, etc.) can be integrated.
What makes them better than other coverings?

Unlike other finishes such as plasterboard, paint, our stretch covers have the advantages of being ultralight (250-350gr / m2) and resistant. Also, its installation is very fast and clean.
On the other hand, the properties of the material and its applications go far beyond traditional finishes: acoustic, luminous, printed, lacquered, etc …
Finally, our products help the environment because they use less raw material and their carbon contribution is less impactful than the rest of conventional finishes and structures.

Can I install it myself?

We always recommend an installation by an approved professional. A strech cover installed by a private individual or by a professional without approval has no guarantee.