Certificates and Guarantees

We work with certified and approved ranges of coverings to guarantee the best product quality.
All our ranges are certified with the Label A + anti VOC. This label is mandatory in France for construction and decoration products since January 1, 2012.
The raw materials used are manufactured with low energy consumption, they also do not emit polluting substances and are 100% fully recyclable.
Its installation is fast and low in energy consumption.
Resistant and long-lasting over time (10-year guarantee), the stretch coverings are free of carcinogens and do not emit any volatile components for interiors.
They have the Eco-Label Oeko-Tex Standard 100.
Once changed or replaced, our coverings are recycled into objects.

In addition to the aforementioned certificates, our systems have the following certifications:


International certificate for interior products and materials. It ensures that the coatings meet the highest requirements for the absence of pollutants (VOCs) in indoor air and therefore completely harmless and for the most sensitive people (children, sick people, etc.).



To guarantee maximum comfort and peace of mind, CLIPSO benefits from the collaboration of Sanitized, a world leader in textile protection. The Sanitized treatment gives the 705 AB coating an anti-microbial and anti-fungal protection, permanently preserving it from the appearance of stains and mold.

ISO 9001

CLIPSO Productions obtained the ISO 9001 certification, thanks to its commitment to continuously improve the quality of its work and its services. This quality system covers the following areas: design, manufacture and marketing of innovative textile wall and ceiling coverings for interiors.



The entire range of CLIPSO coatings is labeled A +: the best result! This badge informs about the level of emissions of volatile pollutants (VOCs) emitted by CLIPSO coatings. It is mandatory for construction and decoration products as of January 1, 2012 according to French decree n ° 2011-321.



All CLIPSO products are CE certified, which means that they comply with all the regulatory requirements for their commercialization in the European market, that they can circulate freely in the French territory and in the European Economic Area, and that they satisfy all the requirements of security.



This certification is specific for recreational boats, cruise ships, etc. and is related to the fire resistant properties of CLIPSO coatings. After testing for flammability, toxicity, and smoke, these coatings are assured to be safe for use in all environments.