R&D (Research and Development)

Every day we are amazed by the advantages and possibilities that  offer
strech fabrics.
In our workshop we imagine and create new applications based on stretch coatings:

  • Smart ceilings
  • XXL speaker
  • New effects in Lighting Systems
  • Adaptability of our ranges to environmental regulations
  • Coverings with integrated temperature regulation systems

We can also say that each project teaches us new ways to install and assemble these strech systems.
In our workshop we develop novel, effective, clean assembly systems and without the need of work to improve our interventions in your projects.
We also have test rooms that allow us to adapt and create the systems
necessary for complex projects.
On the other hand, EASY ART collaborates with research organizations on fabrics such as EURECAT to inform and help improve interior finishes and make these new systems known to a large part of construction professionals.