Leader in strech fabrics

Easy art is a tailor of walls and ceilings

Specifically, Easy Art is a team of professionals specialized in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of strech fabrics to cover walls and ceilings.

We offer integrated solutions from the design and realization of the project to the execution, completion of the installation on the site and the Post-maintenance.

What are strech fabric coverings?:

The strech fabrics represent a new system for ceiling and wall coverings.
The solution is based on the installation of a technical textile membrane or PVC which is streched at its perimeter with the help of a specific profile. It is a perfect, seamless finish with maximum width up to 5.10m and 50.00m length.
Much lighter and more flexible than traditional materials, the strech fabrics helps make continuous ceilings and walls in a few hours.
With diverse features and properties such as the possibility to illuminate them or combine them with sound absorbing materials to create acoustic ceilings and walls. The strech fabrics are 100% customized, we can print them to create unique visuals and effects.
Designed to replace conventional materials such as plasterboard, gypsum etc., today’s range of strech coverings is very wide and satisfy even the most demanding customers. All the products we propose have very varied characteristics to suit all the works, renovations, and new decoration.
The installation is made to measure and depending on the surface to be covered. The material that is installed has different characteristics according to the needs of each customer.

Easy Art,

revolutionary finishes

As specialists in strech fabrics and unique coverings, we combine our experience with other systems, (lighting, HD printing, plasterboard, vinyls, awnings, curtains, etc.) to renew and redesign the interior and exterior finishes known so far.

Easy Art does modern projects with quality systems and services. Our clientele and our suppliers are part of a professional team capable of carrying out each project satisfactorily.

We believe in what we do, we are passionate about it and that is why we want to transmit our passion.

Our organization allows us to carry out projects of all sizes. We have extensive experience in housing renovations, establishments, public spaces and government headquarters.


distributors and installers

As official distributors and installers in Spain of Clipso ® and Newmat ® systems and products and official installers of  Lledó Art and Vexica Ltd solutions, we have the largest certified range on the market.

Designed for both housing and public establishments and spaces, the strech fabric is the ideal solution for renovation projects, construction adaptation and decoration of ceilings and walls. Intended for both construction professionals and individual customers. The strech fabrics responds to all conditions thanks to its technique and installation comfort.

Our ranges of coatings and profiling guarantee countless advantages to each project.

We carry out all kinds of

works and renovations

Strech fabrics


If you have a large scale project, do not hesitate to ask us for more information, because we will be able to adapt the initial manufacture of the materials for their best adaptation to your work or reform.