The sustainability of our products and services is essential to us. We believe that we will live in a contracting world in which we will have to do more with less.


Therefore, our systems are inspired by this motto and help to preserve the environment by changing the ways of thinking and installing interior coverings.


Reduction of
raw Materials

Reduction of
raw Materials

In general, until now, all the materials used to make false ceilings and walls used a large amount of raw materials.

Our stretch fabric coverings have been designed with the aim of reducing this waste of raw material in the realization of finishes for ceilings and walls.

For example, in the conventional ways of making a false ceiling of plasterboard (pladur®), we see that the installation goes through several phases:

  • Metallic structure on the surface (metallic guides installed every 60-80cm)
  • Installation of the plasterboard plates screwed to the guides
  • Making joints with bands and plaster
  • Drying and Sanding
  • Paint (1 to 3 coats) with drying between coats

The same with plaster, modular ceilings etc …

In comparison, the installation of a stretch false ceiling needs only 2 phases:

  • Installation of the PVC or Aluminum perimeter profiles (fewer linear meters than a surface installation)
  • Installation of stretch fabric

Certificates and Guarantees

We work with certified and approved ranges of coverings to guarantee the best product quality.
All our ranges are certified with the Label A + anti VOC. This label is mandatory in France for construction and decoration products since January 1, 2012.
The raw materials used are manufactured with low energy consumption, they also do not emit polluting substances and are 100% fully recyclable.
Its installation is fast and low in energy consumption.
Resistant and long-lasting over time (10-year guarantee), the stretch fabrics are free of carcinogens and do not emit any volatile components for interiors.
They have the Eco-Label Oeko-Tex Standard 100.
Once changed or replaced, our coatings are recycled into objects.

In addition to the aforementioned certificates, our systems have the following certifications: