Acoustic Coverings

No more hassles from unwanted noises and sounds

Noises and sounds are recognized as a major public health problem, they deteriorate the quality of life both at work (open space) and at home or in closed public places such as shopping centers, restaurants, swimming pools, auditoriums etc …
In order to avoid these annoyances, today more than ever, we must think about acoustic comfort when we build or reform a building, a home, an office, etc …

A new and unique solution: ACOUSTIC STRECH COVERINGS

With the acoustic ranges of coverings for walls and ceilings, we come to combine acoustic / phonic absorption effectiveness with perfect and 100% customizable aesthetics.


How does it work?

Acoustic strrch fabrics are flexible membranes of technical textile or PVC that are micro-perforated (ranges up to 250,000 micro-perforations / m2) which, combined with sound-absorbing fibers and / or filled with air, capture and absorb the sounds and noises generated by groups of people, televisions , etc … with better precision and results than conventional materials.
The fact is that the sound vibration is totally distorted through the fabric, which makes the sound absorber behind the membrane act exponentially and the noise is trapped and absorbed.

Examples of absorption curves from real and certified tests:


Conventional materials used:

In case of acoustic problems, the most used solutions today are:
– acoustic plasterboard plates with decorative perforations that let a large part of the sound pass through.
– Accessible fiber and / or rock wool ceilings with a different density and / or thickness whose function is to absorb noises and sounds.
– 3D acoustic foams with pyramidal structure

Despite the fact that these solutions work with a medium effectiveness, it is found that we never have an aesthetic without joints or welds or a perfect absorption of annoying sounds.

Acoustic covering

Luminous covering

Customizable covering

Antibacterial covering

Resistant covering

Dirt and water repellent covering

Environmentally-friendly covering

Innovative profiles ABS, ALU and PVC

CE certified covering

Width up to 5,10m

Fast and clean installation

ISO 9001 Certified

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